Furnival Press was founded

The Furnival Press was founded in 1862 by George Barber, a Victorian entrepreneur who came from the Kent coast to London to seek his fortune. 


South of the river

Traffic congestion made the loading and unloading of heavy lorries in the narrow street increasingly difficult, so the business moved to Camberwell, employing at that time 70 staff.


The move to Stockwell

Furnival moved to Stockwell and introduced our ‘on-demand’
digital printing and large format, facilities which helped to broaden their customer base.


The Type Archive

In 2018 Furnival Press were on the move again due to redevelopment of the occupied premises. With help from a close friendship with the Type Archive we moved to offices within their premises.



From George to Richard

Richard took over the company following his father’s death in 1901. The business stayed in the hands of the Barber family right up to 1960.


Johnny Gumb

Johnny Gumb, who had joined the company in 1969, bought the business with 2 associates in 1982.


David Peach

In 2016 Johnny Gumb sold the business to David Peach, who has been an employee of Furnival Press since 1998.